New Approach could be game changer for Hypertension compliance

Many approaches have been explored in recent years to make life easier for patients living with chronic conditions

One such novel approach is siRNS – small interfering RNA with a long half life

The benefit of a new therapeutic siRNS called zilebesiran administered subcutaneously – in treating high blood pressure is currently in a phase 2 clinical trial


How does it work -the ones strand of the RNA binds to a specific area of the RNA to prevent synthesis of the precursor peptide of angiotensin, which is angiotensinogen .

In a nutshell this reduces the production of Angiotensin I and II (these molecules cause high blood pressure), so less of them circulating around thus reduces blood pressure.

This is extremely powerful as after a single dose of zilebesiran there is a reduction of >90% of angiotensinogen (the precursor of Angiotensin I and II) – over a 6 month period.

The idea is this leads to a reduction in chronic medication use and less variability in blood pressure response .

This kind of medication would not be useful for people presenting with a hypertensive crisis . This crisis needs to be treated with more immediate action medication .

This approach , although still in clinical trials phase has the potential to shake up how we treat patients in the cardiovascular field …