Indoor moulds and their relationship to Asthma and Rhinitis

Doctor Gardens

Fungal species commonly found indoors include Cladosporium, Alternaria and Aspergillus (THESE ARE ALL AVAILABLE TO BE TESTED AT THE ALLERGY CLINIC (MediSpa Cape Town). Consultation is R700 and Skin Pricks are charged at R45 a prick).SKIN PRICKS  ARE INEXPENSIVE AND ACCURATE- ANTIHISTAMINES SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN 4 DAYS PRIOR TO ENSURE A VALID TEST). Children from 2 years and up are able to tolerate the pricks as the lancet is tiny and is a temporary small prick. It is much less traumatic than taking blood to test for Antibodies to the allergen .


Fungi are carried indoors through open windows or through transfer by PET hair or contaminated clothing.


Sensitization and exposure to fungi , particularly Alternaria is associated with athsma. .Alternaria alternate is found on foodstuffs and in damp area such as bathrooms. Aspergillus fumigatus (also tested via SKIN PRICK ) is found mostly outdoors , but may be found in stetted tubers


Patients with demonstrated fungal allergy should have their homes cleansed – how to do this ?

General living spaces should have the windows opened as much as possible

Visible Fungus should be removed with a bleach containing cleaning solution and fungus resistant paint may also be found and applied.

\Other measures include the removal of indoor plants and the use of dehumidifiers.


Additional measures if the problem is severe is to remove all carpets – and remove visible condensation on windows and window frames..