Women’s Health-PCOS-An Update

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PCOS affects 4- 20 % of reproductive age women worldwide. 

No PCOS patient can have the same treatment plan.

It should be highly personalised and symptom specific to tackle the disease efficiently.

New approaches: Non Pharma and Pharma

Non Pharma:

Try to follow a nutritionally appropriate low fat diet- moderate protein (15%), Fat (30%), Carbs (55%).

Scheduled exercise 30 mins a day as well as incidental exercise if possible.

5-10% of weight loss is as little as needed to modify the outcomes of patients with PCOS.


Low dose Oral contraceptive pill has been the mainstay of treatment for PCOS for many years and a good choice if desired for contraception.

A combination of a the oral contraception with an anti androgen with established blood pressure effect , such as spironolactone, is well tolerated.

Anti Insulin Resistance Drugs:

Metformin is the most widely researched insulin lowering medication to PCOS.

Anti Obesity Agents: 

Orlistat , a pancreatic lipase inhibitor, that inhibits dietary fat absorption , has recently been found to lower body weight and to reduce testosterone levels in PCOS patients.