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dr-wendy-dicks-skin-care-allergies-cape-town-eczemaDr Wendy offers customized treatments more along a conservative line in the art of ageing gracefully and naturally with botox and fillers .Maintain your youthful appearance with our range of Botox treatments. Our Botox treatments will save you time and money compared to having surgery. This is a very easy, convenient and non-invasive treatment which will make you immediately appear younger.

She also offers skin peels that do not require down time. Claim back your youthful appearance with our half or full face treatments.

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PRP Injections:

Platelet rich plasma for hair loss and facial , decolettage, arm and neck sun damage and the elimination of fine lines . Discoveries to date there have shown there to be several growth factors and cytokines that encourage tissue regeneration and this is why this product works.

The process :

  • Blood is drawn from the body.
  • Platelet rich plasma is isolated after centrifuging the blood.
  • PRP injected and micro needled into face.
  • 45 minutes to an hour procedure .

Together Dr Wendy (Clinician) and Farah (highly experienced Aesthetician) deliver the PRP service at The Skin Studio at 28 Camp Street

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dr-wendy-dicks-skin-care-allergies-cape-town-eczemaEczema is a very common inflammatory skin condition which many people suffer from, both knowing and unknowingly. Dr Wendy can assist in recommending a prescription for a cream for your Eczema condition.

Not sure if you have Eczema? Click here to find out more information about Eczema – the causes, types, and treatments.

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This is another long-term skin condition many people suffer with whereby the face is inflamed, red and sometimes has pimples over the cheek and nose area.

Dr Wendy Dicks will recommend the best solution for relief from the every-day embarrassment suffered by living with Rosacea.

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Mild to Moderate Acne

Acne can affect anyone at any time. Developing generally at the puberty stage, acne has various forms and stages, leaving many embarrassed to face public. Hormonal and body changes like pregnancy, and even some medication can have side-effects which cause the acne to flare.

There are various topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics and azelaic acid creams as well as Vitamin A creams available.

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