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I have been a patient of Dr Dicks for several years and have found her to be an exemplary G.P., highly competent in diagnosing and treating with success my problems which usually are related to my chronic sinus problem and allergies. However with regard to more serious problems which have occurred she has had no hesitation in referring me to appropriate specialists. Moreover she asks for reports from specialists which enable her to treat “the whole person”. I find her warm , compassionate, caring a wonderful person and a very special doctor. I am thankful to be her patient and hopefully friend.

Zoe Burmeister

Due to the initial consultation being very open and honest, I have found it easy to give feedback to Dr Dicks as well as receive advice and recommendations. This simplicity of communicating this way meant that I could do it in my own time and without much disruption to my day.


I have, over 40 years, consulted with many GPs and allergy specialists. Wendy stands out for her detailed knowledge, confidence and accuracy in pinpointing causality and prescribing effective treatment. I had experienced a reaction that I had not had for many years. The previous time it occurred I lived with it, on and off, for six years and saw at least four different medical professionals in connection with it. Wendy worked closely with me over three weeks to effectively break the reaction and prevent its recurrence.


Over years of struggling with a weak immune system and various health problems, Doctor Dicks was a shining light during a very hard time. Her knack for diagnostics as well as her incredible, kind and empathetic bed-side manner go above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her for every general practice problem.


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